Pack 1221 COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

1. All meetings will be limited to 10 or less people as long as the Executive Order remains in place. Pack meetings will be held virtually until further notice.

2. All scouts leaders, adult partners (for Lions and Tigers), and scouts will be socially distanced (6 feet) and masked. Household members do not need to socially distance. Den leaders will help younger kids visualize this with markings or hula hoops as needed. Meetings will be held outside when possible. During the winter months, meetings will be held at parent houses until FCPS schools allow facility rental.

3. The COVID-19 screening and temperature checks must be done for all participants as they arrive at meetings.

4. All scouts, leaders, and adult partners should sanitize their hands as they arrive.

5. The goal is for meetings to be in person, but as positive numbers, Executive Orders, or a scout testing positive, meetings may need to happen virtually.

6. If a scout or family member tests positive, they must notify DJ Rose (Committee Chair) immediately. DO NOT notify the den leader. The Committee Chair will handle notifying the other families in the den and provide attendance records with contact tracing authorities. Scouts will not be able to return until each scout has tested negative. Virtual meetings may continue while the scouts acquire testing. No scout that is exposed will be permitted to return to in person meetings unless they have been cleared by a negative test result. These results can be provided to the Committee Chair.

7. Sign in sheets will be required for all meetings.


9. One adult partner will attend meetings with lions and tigers to assist. As a result, these dens will have less scouts. Parents of bears, wolves, webelos 1 and 2 will be asked to observe from a distance to ensure the meeting group is less than 10 participants. Parents will be asked to intervene with scouts that need help with abiding by these rules. If a scout does not follow the safety rules, they will be asked to leave the den meeting and return to their parent.

10. ALL DEN LEADERS, SCOUTS, AND ADULTS MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING and keep it on at all times. If a scout or parent is unable to wear a face covering, the Pack will provide a virtual way of participating in meetings. NO EXCEPTIONS.