Q: What is a "show-and-sell"?

A: Show and sells are where we set up at a location such as Kroger, Lowes, Cabelas, etc. and directly sell popcorn to customers. Popcorn is available during this window.

Q: What are "take orders"?

A: Take orders are when you sell to family, friends, co-workers, etc. You collect the orders and money during the Take Order window, and popcorn is then available for pickup in early November.

Q: How much is the popcorn?

A: For specific prices, please refer to your order form. But generally they run from $10 up to $60.

Q: How does this help my Scout?

A: Scouts learn valuable skills during this time. For Show-and-sell opportunities, Scouts will learn interpersonal skills as they work with potential customers to talk about what we have to sell. Scouts will gain confidence in their speaking abilities and their ability to communicate with new people.

Rules and Expectations:

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled shift so that the previous Scouts can properly transition to you

  • Please make sure your Scouts follow the Scout Law and Scout Oath

  • Please enter all transactions into the tablet using the pre-defined options- do not use the manual keypad.

  • Also, please keep track of all transactions via the folder that is provided to you.

  • Sales will be calculated based on your shift times. If you transition earlier or later please let the Popcorn Kernel know so those sales can be credited to you.

  • The first staffed shift of the day is responsible for picking up the popcorn from the logistics coordinator.

  • The last staffed shift of the day is responsible for returning the popcorn to the logistics coordinator.