Did you know:  Popcorn sales are the only source of income for Pack 1221?   Without popcorn sales the Pack would not be able to absorb the cost of:

  • Belt Loops
  • Badges
  • Den expenses
  • Outdoor events
  • Pinewood Derby cars and trophies
  • Blue & Gold banquet
  • Arrow of Light ceremony
  • Cookouts
  • And much more!

Popcorn Sales Opportunities

There are multiple ways to sell popcorn this year, even with COVID-19 happening.  You may partake in any or all that you want.
Take Orders
This is the opportunity to sell popcorn to your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.  Orders will be collected by the scout/parent, along with payment, and submitted to Pack leadership.  Orders are due to the Pack by November 1st and popcorn will be ready for pickup around November 20th.   These forms will be provided to all of our Scouts soon, however you can access a digital version of the form here.
Show and Sell
There was a lot of debate around this between the committee, but we ultimately decided to allow this to happen.  More details are below, but the Blue Grass Council of BSA, along with Kroger, have worked on safety guidelines that will help out Scouts.  Sign up link for a shift is below, but please read all of the details first.
Online Take Orders
If you have friends/family/etc. who would like to order popcorn and enjoys the convenience of ordering stuff from their pajamas, we now have the ability to sell online.  This counts as a take order for the Scouts, with the same selection.  Orders will be compiled and added to the take order on November 1st, with a November 20th estimated delivery.   When purchasing online the buyer will be required to select the name (first name, last initial only) of the Scout who they are buying from so that Scout will receive credit.  The link to our store is https://cub-scout-pack-1221.square.site/shop/popcorn-sales/4 or go to www.pack1221.com and click on the Store link.
Online Orders from Campmasters
Campmasters is the organization who creates the delicious products that we sell.  They have an online system as well along with free shipping.  If you have friends/family who live out of the area this is a great way to sell to them and it’ll be delivered straight to them.  Do note, however, that the selection and price varies from what we are offering via our online store.   The link to the site is https://ordering.campmasters.org/popcornordering.

Sales Incentives

As announced during our virtual kickoff event, we have some great incentives for our Scouts this year.
Individual Incentives (in addition to Campmasters prizes)
$1 or more – 2020 Popcorn Seller Patch
$300 or more – The Pack will pay the Scouts recharter dues for 2021
$500 or more – $25 gift card
Pack Incentives
$5,000 – Top 5 Scouts whenever we hit this goal will get to pie the Cubmaster
$7,5000 – Special event for the Pack, to be announced later.
$10,000 – This is our designated goal with BSA.  When we hit this we will have a Kona Ice party for the Pack.

Show and Sell Guidelines

Guidelines set by Kroger and Blue Grass Council of Boy Scouts of America:
• Follow all guidelines set by local store management and Kroger Corporate.
• Our Scouts and families willstay within the designated area provided. This area will be at least 10-15 feet away from the main entrance but at some stores may be further.
• Each Scout Unit will need to supply their own tape (painters’ tape) to mark their area, tables, pop-up (if necessary). Tape will be used to clearly identify the six-foot mark for customer and Scoutsafety and Scouts will always be encouraged to maintain a safe distance of six feet.
• Kroger will supply the Scout group with plexiglass sneeze guards. (not available at all locations)
• There will always be adultsupervision and we will limit the max amount at each location to no more than five people: a minimum of two adults and a max of three Scouts for each selling timeslot.
• All Scouts and leaders will wear masks and follow all social distancing guidelines including hand sanitizer temperature checks and a screening questionnaire prior to arrival at the location to sell.
• Every group selling will have methods for customers to pay for products from their smart device without the need to exchange cash or a physical card, however if a customer wishes to use cash the adults on site will handle any transactions.
Additional guidelines or modifications set by Pack 1221 Committee:
• No Scout or Parent/Guardian who has contracted, been exposed, or possibly been exposed to COVID-19 within the last fourteen (14) days should participate in in-person selling activities including, but not limited to, show-and-sell events, popup selling events, door-to-door sales, etc.
• Proper PPE (face covering)  is required for the scout and parent. ?
• Only one family may participate at any event during the same time.
• Hands should be washed thoroughly before beginning any selling event
• Hand sanitizer should be used after each customer transaction.
• Products should be cleaned with disinfecting wipes after setup, or whenever touched by a Scout, Parent, Buyer, etc.
• Do not shake hands with customers.
• Always sneeze and/or cough into your elbow, and away from any other person.
• Avoid interacting with any person who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
• Scouts must remain at the table or display, they should not confront or get close to any potential customer.
• Selling events should last no longer than 2 hours to reduce the risk of kids losing focus.
• Scouts must be on their best behavior.  It is very important that Scouts represent Pack 1221 and BSA properly, especially during this pandemic.
• All selling events must be approved by the Pack Committee prior to the event.
• Any Scout who violates these rules will not be given credit for the sales during the event.

Show and Sell Sign Up

Please ensure that you follow all the rules listed above for Show and Sell.  To sign up, please choose an available slot.  Please note: We have less inventory this year than in the past, so once we sell out then the opportunities are gone.

Pack 1221 Store Opt-Out