Pack 1221 is now accepting girls as registered members.  BSA launched the “Family Scouting” initiative in February 2019 and Pack 1221 is proud to open our doors to everyone.



Q: How will dens work?
A: Pack 1221, per BSA policy, will have separate girls-only dens for each age group in which we have registered members.
Q: How can I help?
A: To make this launch successful we are going to need a bunch of help.  We’ll be looking for den leaders (it’s not as hard as it sounds, shoot us a message for all the details), folks to help recruit, and much more.  Your help is crucial, regardless of how big or small of a role you are able to play.
Q: Where can I get more information on BSA Family Scouting?
A:  Visit to get all the details on Family Scouting.
Q: How do I register my daughter?
A: The process is the same regardless of gender.  Please check out our Join page for all the details.  Please note:  registration for girls will not be available until January 1st.
Q: What is the dress code for girls?
A: The official dress code for Pack 1221 requires BSA shirt, neckerchief, and slide.  BSA hat is optional.  This is standard regardless of gender.  BSA does offer shorts, pants, and skorts, however they are considered optional for Pack 1221 events.
Q: What are the concerns for campouts?
A: The short answer: Nothing is changing.  BSA rules on Cub Scout campouts involve their Family Camping policy.   Please review the link for more details.